ESARDA Course 2011 Nuclear Safeguards & Non-Proliferation

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· The objectives of ESARDA are to facilitate collaboration on research and development in the field of safeguards.

· Current Parties and Members are: AREVA (France), ATI (Austria), BNFL (UK), CNCAN (Romania), EDF (France), ENEA (Italy), European Commission, FZJ (Germany), HAEA (Hungary), IRSN (France), IKI (Hungary), Ministry of Economy (Spain), NRPA (Norway), SCK-CEN (Belgium), Sellafields Plc (UK), SFOE (Switzerland), SKI (Sweden), Springfields Fuels Ltd (UK), STUK (Finland), UKAEA (UK), VATESI (Lithuania), WKK (Germany);
New Parties can apply providing that their activity relates to R&D in safeguards.

· ESARDA organizes annual meetings, symposia or workshops.

· More than 100 people participate regularly to the 9 Working Groups on Destructive Assay, Non Destructive Assay, Containment / Surveillance or Mox fuel fabrication, Back end of the Fuel cycle; Integrated Safeguards or Verification methodologies are also debated in related Working Groups.

· The Bulletin publishes scientific and technical articles relating to safeguards and verification, and also news about ESARDA and its members

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